Preserved Weeping Willow Eucalyptus

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Medium to Darker Green Color Medium to Large Seeds 3.5-4.5oz bunch 20-28" Stem Count Varies Premium Quality Preserved + Dyed Pictured = 1 bunch Weeping willow - stems/bunches will vary to extent that they are "weeping". Product of Mother Nature. Each stem and bunch is unique and will vary in all characteristics (size, shape, color, weight, volume, scent, pliability, natural and seasonal and processing blemishes), as well as vary between bunches, stems, and batches. Affected by high humidity, direct sunlight, and water. Handle with care. Some breakage and/or shedding is natural and expected with this product type. Approximations provided. Flower Filler Floral Bouquet Arrangement Dried Faux Artificial Greenery Foliage Wedding Event Retail Gift Feather Pod Round Globe