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Elevate your senses and embrace a vibrant burst of fragrance with our Evermore Linen & Room Spray. This exquisite blend combines the uplifting zest of orange, the delicate beauty of fig, and the warm sophistication of brown sugar to infuse your linens with a captivating and refreshing aroma.

It's long-lasting scent can be used on all fabrics and into the air. Fragrance is toxin, phthalate, paraben, dpg free + acetone & alcohol free oils are used. 

2 Ounce Amber Glass Bottles. Spray Pump Distilled Water, Witch Hazel (Non-Alcoholic),  Zero Carrier Oils or Alcohol. House Made in Small Batches Weekly.

Our fragrance oils are Premium Grade, also known as Cosmetic Grade, which means they were formulated for, and deemed safe for use in topical applications per FDA and IFRA guidelines and standards. Additionally, all the aroma compounds used in premium grade fragrance oil manufacturing are rigorously tested and approved by the FDA for this usage.